Tradesmen Training Tradesmen

Safety Check offers mobile training! We can come to your location on your schedule.

Safety Check is an Occupational Health & Safety Training and Consulting Company, specializing in Confined Spaces. Safety Check prides itself on making safety training easy on the client, and offers customized training packages to clients at their convenience. Our staff are certified tradesmen, Bachelors of Education, and bring a wealth of field experience and expertise to the classroom, and to the field.


We offer a variety of courses designed to comply with current legislation, regulations and industry standards. Our health and safety training courses combine theory and practical hands on training.

Project Safety

From certifying compliance on a job site, to training staff, to developing specific safety plans and an on-site safety officer, we have everything you need to ensure a safe project.

Confined Space Rescue Technicians

Confined space entries are our specialty. From equipment rentals to supervision, manpower and training, we can ensure safety and compliance on even the most challenging confined space entries.


Do you need help implementing your Occupational Health and Safety program? We can assess your current and future needs, your existing policies and build a customized, turn-key solution for your business.

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