Project Safety/Consulting

Our expert safety team has been helping companies in Nova Scotia to create and maintain safe work sites for years. It is smart business! Safety Check will come to your office or worksite to implement your Safety program.


Ask us about our Turn Key Safety Program, we can help you get your Certificate of Recognition and assist with your yearly safety audits.

Confined Space Rescue Technicians

The Occupational Safety General Regulations of Nova Scotia provide clear and concise regulations that MUST be followed…”no person enters a confined space until the employer has fulfilled the requirements of this Section and a competent person has provided a written certificate…”(Sect 130.1)


Confined Space entries are our specialty. We can provide all necessary equipment on a rental or sale basis. We can provide supervision, or manpower to safely and correctly perform the most challenging of confined space entries. We can ensure that any construction, clean up or task will be completed safely and in compliance with the Nova Scotia Occupational Health and Safety Act, and any applicable regulations.


Safety Check can provide several different levels of safety training. Having a confined space simulator ensures that your training will meet the most stringent regulations.


Daily, weekly and monthly rental deals available. 

Supplied Air


SKA packs (Mask, belting, 5 min escape cylinder etc.)

50′ lengths air hoses with quick couplers


Manifold 2 or 4 outlet

Portaire bottle mgt system

Rescue air response system (Rescue Kit)

Lg air cylinders

Required Fall Arrest Victim Retrieval Equipment – GP Ship Loader

4:1 pulley system with brake


Split pulleys

Nylon straps 6′ (5000lb capacity)

Rope grabs

100′ 7/16 kermantle rope

100 1/2″ kermantle rope

Rescue pole with gated carabineer

Atmospheric Analysis

Ventis MX 4 gas monitor

Ventis MX 4 gas monitor with pump

VOC monitor

Benezine specific monitor (downloadable)

Sound meter

Sound meter (downloadable)

Dust trak (downloadable)

Ventilation (Blower)

Ducting for the blower

Trailer (Full opening rear ramp. Solar panels on the roof to charge the battery bank, providing laptop and gas dector charging.)

Retrieval Equipment

Tripod & winch

1/2 sked stretcher

Spec Pack

Full stokes basket stretcher

4:1 pulley system with brake (Block & Tackle)

Anthron descender 50′


Split pulleys

Nylon straps 6′ – 5000lb capacity

Rope grabs

100′ 7/16 kermantle rope

100 1/2″ kermantle rope

Helmet microphones adaptable to most site radios

Victim helmet with face guard

Rescue pole with gated carabineer

Rescue Bag

Spek Pack

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