Project Safety



Workplace Hazard Identification

Section 28.2 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Nova Scotia states that every work place with 20 or more employees must have:

"(e) a hazard identification system that includes

(i) evaluation of the workplace to identify potential hazards,

(ii) procedures and schedules for regular inspections,

(iii) procedures for ensuring the reporting of hazards and the accountability of persons responsible for the correction of hazards, and

(iv) identification of the circumstances where hazards must be reported by the employer to the committee or representative, if any, and the procedures for doing so;

(f) a system for workplace occupational health and safety monitoring, prompt follow-up and control of identified hazards;

(g) a system for the prompt investigation of hazardous occurrences to determine their causes and the actions needed to prevent recurrences;

This course will give students the skills they need to undertake a complete evaluation of their workplace or work area. Correct documentation procedures is an important component of this course.