Project Safety



Use and Care of Supplied Air/SCBA

The Occupational Safety General Regulations state:

13 (1) Where a person is exposed to a respiratory hazard that may cause injury or disease, an employer shall provide and ensure the use of adequate respiratory protective equipment that is appropriate to the hazard.

(2) An employer shall ensure that the compressed breathing air used in self-contained respiratory protective equipment complies with or exceeds CSA standard CAN3-Z180.1-M85, “Compressed Breathing Air and Systems”.

(3) An employer shall ensure compliance with CSA standard CSA Z94.4-93 (R1997), “Selection, Use, and Care of Respirators”, in respect of
(a) the training of users of self-contained respiratory protective equipment; and
(b) the use, maintenance and testing of respiratory protective equipment.
Subsection 13(3) added: O.I.C. 2000-130, N.S. Reg. 52/2000.

A basic information session with “hands on” training wearing and inspecting the supplied air equipment.

Supplied Air users must be specifically trained on the system which they will be using.