Project Safety



Occupational Health and Safety Act

The Occupational Health and Safety Act is very clear on its requirements for our workplaces.

Section 13 states: "(1) Every employer shall take every precaution that is reasonable in the circumstances to
(a) ensure the health and safety of persons at or near the workplace;
(b) provide and maintain equipment, machines, materials or things that are properly equipped with safety devices;
(c) provide such information, instruction, training, supervision and facilities as are necessary to the health or safety of the employees;
(d) ensure that the employees, and particularly the supervisors and foremen, are made familiar with any health or safety hazards that may be met by them at the workplace;
(e) ensure that the employees are made familiar with the proper use of all devices, equipment and clothing required for their protection; and
(f) conduct the employer's undertaking so that employees are not exposed to health or safety hazards as a result of the undertaking."

This course will provide you with invaluable information on the provincial act, its related regulations, codes of practices and guidelines.