Project Safety



Due Diligence

The Occupational Health and Safety Act of Nova Scotia is based on the Internal Responsibility System.

Section Two of the OH&S Act of Nova Scotia states:

"Internal Responsibility System
2 The foundation of this Act is the Internal Responsibility System which

(a) is based on the principle that
(i) employers, contractors, constructors, employees and self-employed persons at a workplace, and
(ii) the owner of a workplace, a supplier of goods or provider of an occupational health or safety service to a workplace or an architect or professional engineer, all of whom can affect the health and safety of persons at the workplace,
share the responsibility for the health and safety of persons at the workplace;

(b) assumes that the primary responsibility for creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace should be that of each of these parties, to the extent of each party's authority and ability to do so;"

The focus of this course is on the OH&S Act, including responsibilities,documentation, safety policies,safety programs, best industry standards and Bill C-45.

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