Project Safety



What's in a Safety Program?

The Nova Scotia Occupational Health and Safety Act (Section 28) states:

"Where twenty or more employees are regularly employed by an employer other than a constructor or contractor; the employer shall establish and maintain a written occupational health and safety program..."

"The program shall include..."

  1. "provision for the training and supervision of employees in matters necessary to their health and safety and the health and safety of other persons at the workplace;"
  2. "provision for the preparation of written work procedures required to implement safe and healthy work practices..."
  3. "provision for the establishment and continued operation of a committee...including maintenance of records of membership, rules of procedure, access to a level of management with authority to resolve health and safety matters..."
  4. "provision for the selection and functions of a representative...including provision for access by the representative to a level of management with authority to resolve health and safety matters;"
  5. "a hazard identification system..."
  6. "a system for workplace occupational health and safety monitoring, prompt follow-up and control of identified hazards;"
  7. "a system for the prompt investigation of hazardous occurrences to determine their causes and the actions needed to prevent recurrences;"
  8. "maintenance of records and statistics, including reports of occupational health and safety inspections and occupational health and safety investigations..."
  9. "provisions for monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of the program."