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Confined Space Course Offering

Confined Space Awareness

Designed primarily for management, sales staff, and engineers, this course focuses on identifying confined spaces and the legislative requirements mandated by the various levels of government. This course does not prepare a person to perform or attend a confined space entry.

Confined Space Entrant / Attendant Training Provincial Specification

This 16-hour course offers a combination of class room and hands on training. The following topics are covered in depth: Identifying Confined Spaces; Confined Space Hazards and Control Measures; Personal Protective Equipment; Permits; Duties of the Entrant /Attendant and Rescue. Participants will perform a confined space entry, and rescue in Safety Check's Confined Space Simulator.

Confined Space Refresher- Confined Space Entrant / Attendant Training

This generic course is offered to participants who meet the following criteria: Attended a full two day course within the last three years; and successful completion of an entrance exam. This course will prepare participants to enter and attend confined space entries.

Confined Space Rescue

Every company that performs confined space entry must have a rescue plan. This course will aid participants in developing an in-house rescue plan, along with rescue/ recovery training.